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It is our pleasure to give an insight into the Pannonia Ring Go-cart Course, its opportunities involved and the infrastructure to those who have known little or nothing about it so far.

Here are a few details about the technical features of the course: it is 1071m long and 8m wide; at the start/finish point it is 12m wide. It has been constructed with 3 chicanes, 10 left turns and 5 right turns. The direction of traffic is anti-clockwise.

If you have some free time or are planning to organize a team-building program, or if you simply wish to enjoy the speed without being punished, you can do that on our course, which is coated with the highest quality racing asphalt. We welcome families, children, younger or older alike, as everyone will find a go-cart that suits them best.

In addition, you can ride motorbikes on our course, e.g. Supermoto or Vespa, and even Old Timer shows and car slalom shows can be held. For motorcyclists, even off-road rides are on offer.

Our Shop has trained staff, and our garage is at your service with a professional mechanic.

About the infrastructure: The go-cart course is complete with a 6,000m2 parking space/campsite with electricity supply. Over the Shop, there is a 500m2 terrace serving as a viewing platform, with an excellent view over the entire course. The Ring also has a restaurant with a very good kitchen, as well as a state-of-the-art sanitary unit, equipped with a shower room. We also have a Medical Centre with modern equipment and well-trained, professional physicians. We also have a boarding house with 25 rooms, a petrol station and a helicopter landing space.

Come and spend some lovely time at our premises!

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00-18:00,
on a seasonal basis, from about March to November

9512 Ostffyasszonyfa, Hungary    |    Google map
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